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The Laura Grimond Award for Architectural Projects

Laura Grimond was one of the founders of Orkney Heritage Society and had a keen interest in Orkney’s built heritage.

In 1968 she led the campaign to prevent Papdale House from being destroyed to make way for the School Hostel and her bequest allowed the purchase and restoration of the houses at the Strynd.

The Laura Grimond Award is named in her honour.

At a recent meeting of Orkney Heritage Society’s Board of Trustees, it was decided to re-establish the Laura Grimond Award, albeit in a different format from the original competition that was held. The OHS Board will now give out an occasional award to a building development that contributes to preserving the architectural heritage of Orkney.

In December 2019 it was announced that the first recipient in this new format would be the extension at the back of 53 Albert Street, Kirkwall. Read more…

You can find more detail regarding some of the past winners of the Laura Grimond Award in our archived Newsletters: 1999 2000 2001 2003-4 2005-6 2007-8

Laura Grimond

Laura Grimond, 1918-94

“She stood for West Aberdeen in 1970 and it is a thousand pities that she was not elected to grace the House of Commons. Orkney would claim that it was their gain. Councillor for Firth and Harray, she became Chairman of Orkney Islands Council’s Housing Committee.”

Obituary, The Independent, 17 February 1994.