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Orkney Dialect – The Mither Tongue

2010 was the Orkney Heritage Society’s Year of Orkney Dialect…  no, wait….. …let’s try that again:

Whit like? 2010 wis the Susseye-ety’s Year o Orkney Dialect, and aes pert o that wae ran a poetree competishun.  Ye’ll finnd the winnurs oan this page: Winning Poems 2010.

Wur project fur 2012 wis caalled Migration and the Mither Tongue.

In 2016 we were very pleased to play a small part in getting the Orkney Dictionary online.

If you have an interest in the owld dialect words of Orkney (and Shetland), then this free downloadable e-book above will be of interest to you.