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Henry Sinclair Casebook


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Henry Sinclair Casebook
1st Sinclair Earl of Orkney, 9th Baron of Rosslyn, 1345-1400.
A Case Study Investigation of His Life by Vicki A. Hild.

Henry I Sinclair was a minor Lowland Scottish noble, who became a trusted servant of a ‘foreign’ king of Scandinavia, after being installed in 1379 as Earl of Orkney, then still part of Norway’s Atlantic territories.

Henry was undoubtedly a man of great ability but the many titles and attributes given to him deserve scrutiny. Vicki Hild does this in a rather unconventional way, creating a case study to test the veracity of each individual claim and building up a clearer picture of this enigmatic figure. She also touches on the controversial voyage to America, supposedly carried out by Henry a century before the time of Columbus and provides an extensive bibliography for further research.